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  • 2018-05

    ongoing PCV13 BLA reviewing and HPV-2 Phase III in progress

  • 2017-03

    PPSV-23 put into the market in 2017

  • 2015-12

    The Walvax Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is put into effort.

  • 2015-10

    The business value of Walvax is approved by professional investment bank; Walvax signed cooperation agreement with the Sunshine Insurance Group, China Equity Group, and etc. The subsidiary corporations of Walvax: Shanghai Zerun Biotechnology Co., Ltd and Genor Biopharma Co., Ltd. received in total 1.4 Billion RMB as investment.  

  • 2015-09

    The products, technologies, and the teams of Walvax are approved by international top-class institutions. Walvax signed cooperation agreement with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and received 5 million USD as the first phase funds. The Gates Foundation intends to purchase the HPV vaccine from Walvax for the future five years.

  • 2015-07

    Launched Diphtheria, Tetanus and acellular Pertussis Combined Vaccine, adsorbed (DTaP) into the market

  • 2014-11

    Walvax signed the stock equity transfer contract of acquiring Chongqing Beining Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, which broughtfurther improvement to itsvaccine distribution system.

  • 2014-10

    Walvax Bought in HebeiDa’anPharmaceutical Co., Ltdas a strategic partner.

  • 2014-10

    The Haemophilus Influenzae Type b Conjugate Vaccinesuccessfully passed the accreditation of GMP.

  • 2014-08

    Walvax signed the stock equity transfer agreement of acquiring Beijing RuiermengPharmaceutical Co., Ltd, which improved itsvaccine distribution system.

  • 2014-07

    The Human Serum Albuminand theAumanImmune Globulin for Intramuscular InjectionfromHebeiDa’an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltdsuccessfullypassed the GMP accreditation.

  • 2014-05

    The 80-million RMB worth, Phase Three Project of YuxiWalvax was accomplished and passed acceptance standard.

  • 2014-05

    The informationization management of Walvaxstepped into a new phase due tothe official operation of ERP.

  • 2014-03

    Walvax set up a domestic top-ranking human resources managing system, which establishedsolid foundationforenhancingits corporation management.

  • 2013-12

    Walvaxmade substantial progress in marching into monoclonal antibody field by signing official stock equity transfer agreement of acquiringGenorBiopharma Co., Ltd.GenorBiopharma Co., Ltd joined Walvax andobtained the first Clinical Trial Authorization of monoclonal antibody drug..The “Large-scale Bio-industry” pattern of Walvax is initially formed.

  • 2013-12

    Theblood products of Walvaxstepped into regular business operation. The first batch of Human Serum Albumin products obtainedbatch release and  enteredthemarket. Immunoglobulin obtained theapproval number.The Clinical Trial Application of Human Immune Globulinfor intravenous injection passed on-site inspection and acquired official acceptance.

  • 2013-12

    Walvaxopened the bondfinancing channel by successfully issuing medium-term note, which offered another essential financing platform for itsfuture development.

  • 2013-11

    Walvax officially initiated ERP and quickened the construction of informationization management.

  • 2013-11

    Walvax officially initiated the construction of its corporate culture;this first stepmade a landmark breakthrough in Walwax’s culture construction.

  • 2013-07

    Walvaxextended its businessinto the fieldof vaccine and drug distribution by purchasing the stock equity of Ningbo Punuo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Shandong ShijieBiopharma Co., Ltd, and PutianShengtai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd,thus established asolid foundation for entering thewide drug distribution field.

  • 2013-03

    Walvax published its internal magazine, The Walvaxers, and thuscreated a newinternal communication platform.

  • 2012-12

    Walvax launched new products. Group A and C Meningococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine and Group A, C, Y and W135 Meningococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine entered the market quickly after obtaining theDrug Marketing Authorization and the GMP Certificate, successfully entered the domesticGroup One Vaccine market.

  • 2012-12

    Walvax entered the new generation vaccine field andsigned the Cooperation Framework Agreement with Shanghai Zerun Biotechnology Co,.LTD, which brought a substantial improvementtoWalvax’s strength in new generation(combined) vaccine field.

  • 2012-06

    Walvax made great breakthrough in overseas registration of its products. On 18th, June of 2012, Haemophilus InfuenzaeType b Vaccine was officially exported to Philippines, which opened the door of Walvax’sexport market, marking aWalvax’s tangible leap in itsinternational strategy.

  • 2011-12

    Walvax convened a grand ceremony at Yuxi, celebrating the tenth anniversary of the establishment of Walvax.

  • 2011-11

    Walvax is approved as the national enterprise technology center.

  • 2010-11

    Walvax is listing on the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE). The abbreviation of the stock is “Walvax Biology”, and the stock code is “300142”.

  • 2010-09

    The listing application of Walvax passed the audit of China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC).

  • 2009-09

    The second independently research and produced productof Walvax, Meningococcal Group A,C Bivalent Polysaccharide Conjugate Vaccine, Freeze Dried, is put into production and entered the market.

  • 2009-07

    The Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) is established, Walvax declared for listing and initialized the application process.

  • 2009-04

    The Jiangsu Walvax is registered and founded in the Taizhou China Pharmaceutical City.

  • 2008-12

    Walvax product, Haemophilus Influenzae Type b Conjugate Vaccine, is widely accepted by the market with its high quality; it contributed over 30 million RMB retained profit for Walvax in its first market financing year.
    The industrialization project of Meningococcal Group A,C Bivalent Polysaccharide Conjugate Vaccine, Freeze Dried, is ranked as one of the National High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Projects by the National Development and Reform Commission.

  • 2008-08

    Walvax is chosen to be one of the companies that participates the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay.

  • 2008-02

    Walvax introduced Private Equity (PE), and started Initial Public Offerings (IPO) listing process.

  • 2007-10

    The first vaccine GMP plant of Walvax is completed and put into production. The first independently research and industrialized vaccine product, Haemophilus Influenzae Type b Conjugate Vaccine, is put into the market and realized profit within the year.

  • 2006-11

    Walvax took responsibility for the National High-tech Research and Development Project (Project 863) once again, researching the preparation of new type adjuvant CpG deoxyoligonucleotide (CpG ODN) vaccine for hepatitis B. So far, Walvax has undertaken three projects from Project 863 independently, top on the list among the peer companies; marking that Walvax is taking the leading position in the domestic vaccine research and development field.

  • 2005-03

    The Yuxi Walvax production base is laid a foundation. Walvax, standing on the base of researching company, is involving into a company with full industry chain of researching, producing, and marketing. At the same time, Walvax is authorized for undertaking the second project of national class one new drug, Freeze Dried Meningococcal Group A,C Bivalent Polysaccharide Conjugate Vaccine industrialization technology research, from the National High-tech Research and Development Project (Project 863).

  • 2004-11

    Walvax plans and implementsindependent vaccine industrialization strategy; started the planning and construction of “Yuxi vaccine production base”. At same time, Walvax successfully introduced VC partners; the registered capital of Walvax is increased to 11,260,000 RMB.

  • 2003-06

    Walvax planned to implement bacterial vaccine research and development strategy, fully started to carry out traditional viral vaccine, genetic vaccine, and bacterial vaccine research and developmentarrangement.

  • 2002-11

    Walvax is authorized for the first time, undertaking project from the National High-tech Research and Development Project (Project 863), researchingpurified, inactivatedhepatitis A (Vero Cell) vaccine.

  • 2001-01

    Walvax is founded, the registered capital is 1,260,000 RMB. Registration place is High & New Tech Development Zone, Kunming, Yunnan. At the same time, the vaccine laboratory, locating at Jinding Hill in Kunming, is built and put into use; researching and developing viral vaccine.